Solutions for Operational Excellence

Our modular, intuitive and integrated solutions help customers quickly adopt state-of-the-art location technologies and IoT sensors and transform their operational functions such as asset management, preventive maintenance, inventory management, production flow management, shipping-receiving reconciliation, datacenter operations and education services.

Industrial Industrial

  • WIP visibility
  • OSHA compliance
  • Tool tracking
  • Material inventory
  • Returnable item visibility

Technology Technology

  • Datacenter asset tracking
  • ISO compliance
  • Prototype tracking
  • Kit tracking

Govt & Education Govt & Education

  • IT asset tracking
  • Chain of custody control
  • Compliance audits
  • Fleet tracking
Solutions for Industrial Verticals

Solutions for Industrial Verticals

Tagit’s RFID and RTLS software-suite enables ERP, MES, WMS, industrial control systems and other exisitng IT systems automatically interpret the business relevance of the changes of locations and environmental parameters of physical things in association with other things over a period of time. Industries like discrete manufacuting, automotive, aerospace, defence, transportation, process industries, oil & gas, utilities, logistics and construction are looking at transforming their operations with the latest location and IoT technologies.

Solutions for Industrial Verticals

Client: Scientific Atlanta

Tool & Equipment Visibility

  • Improve cost allocation to costcenters
  • Labor intensive annual inventory
  • Passive RIFID based rapid inventory solution
  • 98% labor reduction

Client: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

WIP Visibility

  • Prevent wrong and short shipment
  • Improve productivity
  • Passive RFID infra from kitting thru shiping
  • Integration with SFMG / SAP

Client: Jabil

Job Visibility

  • Find boards before expiration time
  • Re-use the boards and reduce losses
  • Improve productivity
  • Wi-Fi RTLS based job tracking solution

Client: Chemours

Valve Lubrication

  • Locating the right valve during lubrication cycle
  • Updating service management activities
  • Improve productivity
  • Lower the total cost of service management

Client: Specialized

Returnable Item Visibility

  • Improve productivity in item request process
  • Passive RFID based stage monitoring
  • Monitor violations, exceptions
  • Generate alerts and notifications
Solutions for Technology Companies

Solutions for Technology Companies

Tagit’s software helps in tracking assets, equipment, parts, intellectual properties, prototypes, consumables, calibration cycles, equipment sharing across different project teams in engineering and biotechnology laboratories, research facilities and IT datacenters, globally. Our software is modular, flexible, multi-tenant, multi-lingual and easily integrable to accommodate various business processes adopted by different business units of the same company or to support mutiple third-party or home grown asset databases. In addition, our software supports creation of privileged based roles to support dynamic organization structure.

Technology Vertical Success Stories

Client: Verizon

Warehouse inventory

  • Rapid item-level inventory in 400+ warehouses
  • Daily inventory of milions of items – now posible
  • Minimized write-offs and losses
  • Direct integration with SAP

Client: Keysight Technologies

Lab Equipment Visibility

  • Fixed asset reconciliation during quarterly audits
  • Tracking thousands of assets with Passive RFID
  • Reduced cost of SOX compliance
  • 96% labor reduction

Client: Cisco

Parts Prototype Visibility

  • World’s 1st active + passive RFID deployment
  • Improve utilization and on-time calibration
  • Integration with eITMS and e3 systems
  • ROI < 3 months, 6x savings in Year 1

Client: Huawei

IT Asset Tracking

  • Deployed in US and China
  • Tracking thousands of assets and their movement
  • Integration with home-grown eneterprise systems
  • Improved accurady of fixed asset reporting

Client: Microsemi

Self check-out system

  • Automation of check-in / check-out process
  • Passive RFID based movement monitoring
  • Eliminated need for staffing of Check-out station
  • ROI < 5 months

Client: Oracle

Receive Reconciliation

  • Deployed in US datacenters
  • Automatic reconciliation of incoming pallets
  • Improve productivity by managing exceptions
  • Smart gantry with IOT sensors
Govt & Education

Govt & Education

Federal, state and local government agencies as well as educational institutes are subject to various financial and compliance audits of their fixed assets, maintenance, weapons and surveillance equipment, textbooks and teaching materials, IT and mobile assets. Such audits are labor intensive and often inconclusive. Tagit’s RFID and RTLS software-suite lowers the cost of managing the sufficiencies and deficiencies against their compliance guideliens and report their asset inventories while improving their productivity multiple fold.

SLED Vertical Success Stories

Client: Salinas City Elementary

Textbook Tracking

  • World’s 1st classroom level book inventory solution
  • 35,000 books in 600 + classrooms in 14 schools
  • Complete inventory in 3 business days
  • ROI < 3 months, 3x savings in Year 1

Client: University of California Berkeley

Equipment Sharing

  • UC Berkeley’s Wireless Research lab
  • Tracking thousands of assets with Passive RFID
  • Accurate reporting of assets purchased with grants
  • 985 labor reduction

Client: United Genetics

Seed Tracking

  • Rapid inventory of genetically modified seeds
  • Report temperature violations
  • Improve productivity
  • Integration with SFMG / SAP

Client: California Department of Food and Agriculture

Fixed Asset Inventory

  • Passive RFID based rapid asset inventory
  • Increased equipment sharing
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced cost of fixed asset inventory audit

Client: Prefectura

Parts Visibility

  • Inventory weapons and surveillance equipment
  • Track in and out movement from armories
  • Improved productivity and accountability
  • Minimized and reported all movement violations

Client: Department of Electronics

Voting Eqpt. Tracking

  • Equipment tracking in 600 + precincts
  • Eliminate delivery errors of voting eqpt kits
  • Recieve reconciliation on election night
  • Reduced manual labor intensive processes

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