How to Use Live Feed

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1. Open the Devices page.

2. Click a device name to open its details page.

3. Click the Live feed button in the upper right corner of the Device information section.

  • • Window with a table displaying tags that are being scanned opens.



Live Feed window options

1. In the Filter EPC field type in a character pattern by which you want to single out a tag population that is displayed in the Live feed.

2. Under the Filter EPC field, select an option that you want to apply to the pattern specified in the Filter EPC field.

  • Contains – all tags that contain the specified pattern are displayed
  • Starts with – all tags that start with the specified pattern are displayed
  • Ends with – all tags that end with the specified pattern are displayed


4. Click to expand the dialog showing the available antennas and select by which ones you want to filter the tags that are being displayed.

5. Select the Freeze tag history checkbox to stop new tags from being displayed.

  • • This action does not stop the observation, it only freezes the displayed table.


6. Use the arrows in the Tag history max rows to limit the number of displayed tags.

  • • Alternatively, you can select the field and type in a number.


7. Click Clear tag history to remove displayed tags and continue with an empty table.

8. Click Close to close the window and return to the device details page.

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