How to Use Dashboard

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Dashboard is the starting page of Tagit Trapeze application.
Tables and interactive charts display a multitude of information such as input / output events per module instance, resources, status of module instances and a number of publications.
System uptime field shows how long has Trapeze been operational since the last time it has been started or restarted.


Warning messages

For cases such as when a group does not have an antenna location assigned or a device gets into the faulted state, warning messages are displayed at the top of the Dashboard page.


Group warning

1. Click the group name to open its details page.
2. Select a location(s) for the group.
3. Click the Save button to apply the changes.


Device warning

1. Click View details.

  • • Devices page opens.
  • • See How to Edit Device for further instructions on how to edit a device.


Device Health History

1. Click Health history in the Devices section.

  • ● Health history page opens displaying existing devices and their status over a period of time.


Modules Details

1. Click Details in the Modules section.

  • ● Modules window opens displaying existing module instances and their status.


2. Click a module instance.

  • ● The corresponding module instance statements page opens.


Publication Details

Publication details window displays publications per integration plug-in, categorized by their status.

1. Click Details in the Publication queue section.

    ● Publication details window opens.


2. Click Close to close the window.

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