How to Connect Reader

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• Depending on the provider, to use a Bluetooth RFID reader in combination with a mobile device, you may have to pair them up before you start using tagVUE™ MX application. See user guides for those devices for further instructions on how to perform the connection.
• Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device and the Bluetooth RFID reader.


1. Tap to open the Main Menu.

2. Tap Reader Settings.

    • The application starts scanning for the reader automatically.
    • Detected readers appears in Discovered devices section.

reader settings


3. Tap the Reader you want to use.

    • If there are more device providers packaged with the application a dialog window with several providers to choose from opens.

reader providers


4. Tap a provider to select it.

    Create Reader screen opens.


Create Reader

1. In the Name field type in the reader’s name and tap OK.

2. Select the Enabled checkbox to enable the reader.

3. Tap Inventory antenna power.

    • Dialog window opens.


4. Adjust the antenna power by moving the slider and then tap OK.

5. Tap Read single tag antenna power.

    • Dialog window opens.


6. Adjust the antenna power by moving the slider and then tap OK.

7. Tap to save the reader.

    • The reader is now active and displayed in Saved devices section.

saved and active reader

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