How to Search for Activities

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Activities page displays all of the activities that occurred in Tagit Trapeze application.
For extracting specific events various filtering options are available, such as filtering by specific text in the message, date and time and type of the activity.



How to use the Filters section

1. In the Message contains field type in a keyword or a sequence of characters by which you want to filter the activities.

2. In the Date from and Date to fields select the date and time respectively to choose a time period from which you want to filter the activities.

3. In the Message types section select the checkbox next to the option you want to include.

4. Click the Page size field to expand the dropdown menu and select the number of activities displayed per page.

5. In the Maximum messages field type in the maximum number of messages to be displayed.

6. Click the Apply filter button to apply the selected filter(s).

  • • Once the filter is applied, the messages are displayed in the Activity panel.
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