How to Recommission Item

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Use the Advanced search to look for decommissioned items.
Alternatively, you can open the Decommissioned items reports page to see the full list of all decommissioned items.


1. Hover over a decommissioned item.

2. Click in the lower right corner.

3. Select Recommission.

  • • Confirmation dialog opens.


4. Click Yes for confirmation.

  • • Card of the recommissioned item is displayed in white again.
  • NOTE: When you recommission an item, the tags that were associated with it are no longer present. You have to associate the tag(s) again.


Decommissioned item can also be recommissioned from the item details page


1. Open a decommissioned item’s details page.

2. Click Recommission.

  • • Confirmation dialog opens.


3. Click Yes for confirmation.

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