How to Perform Synchronization

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    • For an android connected handheld reader or a mobile device to function properly, date and time have to be set correctly. Performing operations such as inventory with incorrect date and time may result in wrong data being published into your enterprise applications.
    • In order to synchronize your data, the device must be connected to the Internet.
    • Before you start the synchronization process, verify that the endpoint URL is typed in correctly.
    • By synchronizing your database with an endpoint, you will change data on the endpoint as well.


To start the Synchronization process:

1. Tap to open the Main Menu.
2. Tap Sync.

Sync screen

3. Type in your username and password.
4. Tap sync_icon to start the synchronization process.

    • The synchronization process might take from several seconds to a few minutes, depending on the number of entities needed to be synced. During the synchronization process all relevant activities are displayed in the Sync Status Messages section at the bottom of the Sync screen.
    • Once the synchronization has finished successfully your device database is up to date.

sync successful


    • If the synchronization is not successful, the application informs you about it by displaying a red alert window. In that case it is very useful to go through displayed Sync Status Messages to identify the issue.
    • If the issue persists after another synchronization attempt, please report it to your IT department or Tagit support service.

Sync not successful

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