How to Perform Manual Device Discovery

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1. Open Providers page.

2. Click a provider name to open its details page.

3. Click in the Basic info section to start the provider.

4. In the Device discovery section click to perform manual device discovery.

  • • Wait for a few moments for Trapeze to discover connected devices.
  • • Discovered devices appear in the Discovered devices subsection.


5. Select the checkbox in the Add column next to a device you want to add.

6. Select the checkbox in the Enabled column if you want to add an enabled device.

7. Select the checkbox in the Sync time column to enable the option.

  • • This option can also be enabled later in the Time options on the device details page.


8. Click the License device button next to the device you want to license.


9. Click the Add selected devices button to add selected device(s).

  • • Selected device(s) are now displayed on Devices page.
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