How to Perform Location Inventory

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Before you start an inventory process, check the following:

  • • Is your device database up to date? In order to obtain the latest version of your database, synchronize it with an endpoint (see How to Perform Synchronization).
  • • Is your reader connected to your mobile device? (See How to Connect a Reader)
  • • If you are using a reader – mobile device combination, check whether the reader is connected to the mobile device, indicated by the icon in the upper right corner.


Performing Inventory

1. Open the Main menu.

2. Select Location Inventory.

  • • Alternatively, tap Inventory located at the bottom of the Home screen.


3. Pull the trigger or tap to start the scan.

  • NOTE: For the inventory process to start you have to scan a location tag first.


4. Pull the trigger or tap to stop the scan.


See inventoried items

1. Tap the [number] inventoried field.

  • • Inventory details screen opens.


2. Tap the Inventoried items / Remaining / Unexpected field to expand it.

  • • A corresponding list of items is displayed.



See unknown tags

When performing an inventory, it is possible that some unknown tags are going to be scanned. Use the locate action from the Unknown tags screen to locate the tag(s).

1. Tap the Unknown tags field.

  • • Unknown tags screen opens.


2. Select a tag (or multiple tags) that you want to locate.

3. Tap

  • • Locate item screen opens.


4. Pull the trigger or tap to start the locate item action.

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