How to Perform Inventory

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Before you start an inventory process, check the following:

    • Is your device database up to date? In order to obtain the latest version of your database, synchronize it with an endpoint (see How to Perform Synchronization).
    • Is your reader coupled with your mobile device? (See How to Set Up a Reader)


    • If you are using a reader – mobile device combination, verify that the reader is connected to the mobile device, indicated by .

    • If reader_blue_icon is shown, tap it to restart scanning for a reader device. In case it does not turn to in a few seconds, try reconnecting the device.

    • If unsynced is shown, verify that your reader is powered on, added and enabled (See How to Set Up a Reader)


Perform an inventory

1. Tap main_menu to open the Main Menu.

2. Tap Inventory.

    • Alternatively, tap the Start Inventory field on the Dashboard.


3. Set the location by scanning a location tag.

    • Alternatively, tap magnifier_icon to search for an already saved location (if the option is enabled in the settings).
    Long-tap the location you want to choose and tap Select.


4. Pull the trigger once or tap to start scanning.

5. Pull the trigger or tap to stop scanning.

• If you want to restart Inventory session (set all values to 0) tap refresh_icon

Inventory during scan


• When you are finished scanning, all scanned items are displayed in both Inventory Session and Reader Session.

• If you start scanning again, you will notice that all values in Reader Session are starting from zero (0). At the same time, if new items have been scanned, Inventory Session values continue to increase.

Reader Session shows all items discovered during a single scanning process while Inventory Session shows all items discovered during one inventory process (consisting of multiple Reader Sessions).




• Items that are set as expected on current inventory location are displayed in the Expected seen or Expected not seen field, depending on whether they were scanned or not.

• To see the list of inventoried, expected or unknown items, tap the corresponding field.

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