How to Perform Initial Synchronization

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Set up the Synchronization credentials

1. Tap main_menu to open the Main Menu.
2. Tap General Settings.

    • General Settings screen opens.

Synchronization credentials on General settings screen


3. Tap Sync URL.

    • Dialog window opens.


4. Type in the URL of your endpoint and tap OK.


    • If only one user is using the application or you don’t want to type in the username and password every time the app is used, continue to Steps 5 through 8.
    • If you tend to change your username and password frequently, you can leave these fields blank and specify them on Sync screen before each synchronization.


5. Tap Username.

    • Dialog window opens.


6. Type in your username and tap OK.

7. Tap Password.

    • Dialog window opens.


8. Type in your password and tap OK.


Perform the Initial synchronization

1. Tap main_menu to open the Main Menu.
2. Tap Sync.

    Synchronization screen opens.
    • Your username and password is displayed in the Sync credentials section of the Sync screen.

sync screen

3. Tap sync_icon to start the synchronization process.

    • The process takes from a several seconds to a few minutes, depending on the number of entities needed to be synced.
    • Once the synchronization has finished a notification informs you about it.

4. Tap OK.

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