How to Perform Check Out

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1. Click Check out in the Operations section of the main menu.

2. Click the Current user field to select a user (required) that is performing the check out.

3. Click the Choose location button to choose a location (required) from which you want to check out the item(s).

4. In the Return date field select a date to specify the date on which the item should be returned.

5. In the Comment field type in a message (optional) related to the check out.

6. Click next to the item that you want to check out.

  • • Selected item appears in the List of items section.
  • • Multiple items can be selected and checked out at once.
  • • Click next to the item in the List of items section to remove it from the list.
  • • Click to remove all items from the list.


7. Click to check out the selected item(s).

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