How to Locate Tag

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Before you start the search, check the following:

    • Is your device database up to date? In order to obtain the latest version of your database, synchronize it with an endpoint. (See How to Perform Synchronization)
    • Is your reader coupled with your mobile device? (See How to Set Up a Reader)


    • If you are using a reader – mobile device combination, verify that the reader is connected to the mobile device, indicated by rfid_icon .

    • If reader_blue_icon is shown, tap it to restart scanning for a reader device. In case it does not turn to rfid_icon in a few seconds, try reconnecting the device.

    • If unsynced is shown, verify that your reader is powered on, added and enabled (See How to Set Up a Reader)


Look For a Tag

1. Tap to open the Main Menu.

2. Tap Tags.

3. Pull the trigger or tap to scan a barcode.

    • Alternatively, tap the magnifier_icon icon to open the search field and type in the tag’s code.


Locate a Tag

1. Tap a tag.

    • A dialog window opens at the bottom of the screen.

2. Tap Locate tag.

    Locate item screen opens.

3. Pull the trigger or tap to start scanning.

    Proximity indicator produces a sound and the arrow bar starts flashing.
    • The arrow bar indicates how close the tag(s) are.


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