How to Locate Item

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1. Open the Main Menu.

2. Select Locate item.

  • • Alternatively, tap the Locate button located at the bottom of the Home screen.


3. Tap to select an entity to locate.

  • • You can choose between the following:
    • • Item
    • • Tag by EPC
    • • Location


4. Select an option from the list.

  • • A screen with the corresponding list of items opens.
  • • If you select Tag by EPC, a dialog window asking to scan or enter a tag EPC opens. Type in an EPC and select Done.


5. Select an entity which you want to locate.

  • • Multiple entities of different type can be added for search.


6. Pull the trigger or tap to start a scan.

7. Navigate towards a tag.

  • • Proximity indicator indicates proximity of the selected entity with sound and animation. As you are getting nearer to the tag, the sound gets louder and the animation larger.


8. Pull the trigger or tap to stop the scan.

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