How to License Device

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  • • When adding a device, if the device is not licensed automatically, you have to license it manually.
  • • Device can be licensed on the Providers page while you are performing manual device discovery or later through the device details page.
  • • This option is available if the activation was performed on-line and while connected to the internet with an activation code. Device cannot be licensed in case Trapeze was activated off-line with a license file.


License device while performing manual device discovery on Providers page

1. Perform manual device discovery as described in How to Perform Manual Device Discovery.

2. When a device is discovered, click the License device button next to it.

  • • Confirmation dialog opens.


3. Click OK for confirmation.

  • • Message “License status is updated” is briefly displayed.
  • appears next to the device indicating that the device is licensed.


License device through the device details page

1. Add a device.

2. Open the Devices page.

3. Click the device name to open its details page.

  • NOTE: The device has to be enabled and the correct username and password have to be typed in.


4. Click the License device button in the Device information section.

  • • Confirmation dialog opens.


5. Click OK.

  • • Message “License status is updated” is briefly displayed.
  • icon appears in the Device licensed field indicating that the device is licensed.