How to Generate Reports

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You can generate inventory reports once an inventory has been completed.


1. Tap main_menu to open the Main Menu.

2. Tap Reports.

    • You have the option to generate two types of reports:

      Inventoried items report
      Not seen items report

    • Both reports contain information about all of the inventoried or not seen items since date and time you had set.
    • Before you proceed with generating the report you have to set the date and time.



Set the date and time:

1. Tap the date and time field.

    • Calendar opens.


2. Select the date and tap OK.

3. Select the time and tap OK.


Generate report

1. Tap generate_report_icon

    • Dialog window offering various file formats opens.



2. Select a file format for your report.

    • Choose between PDF, HTML and CSV.
    • Once the report is generated, an alert at the bottom of the screen informs you about it.
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