How to Generate Audit Report

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1. Click Audit in the Reports section of the main menu to open the Audit report page.


2. Click the Manufacturer field to expand the dropdown menu and select a manufacturer.

  • • If you select a manufacturer that has a model in the database, Model field appears next to the Manufacturer field.


3. Click the Model field to expand the dropdown menu and select a model.

4. Click the Select report period field to select a time period for which you want to generate a report.

5. Click the Select person field to select the user that performed the audit.

6. Click the Status field to select the entities with the specified status.

7. Click the Select item types field to select the item types you want to include in the report.

  • • Click OK to confirm the selection.


8. Click the Generate button to generate a report.

9. Click the Select export format field at the bottom of the page to expand the dropdown menu.

10. Select the CSV file format.

11. Click the Export button to download the generated report.

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