How to Edit Model

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1. Click Make in the Administration section.

2. Click the name of a manufacturer.

  • • Page with details and models of the selected manufacturer opens.


3. Click the name of the model that you want to edit.


4. In the Name field type in a name (required) of the model.

  • NOTE: Name is mandatory and it has to be unique.


5. In the Code field type in a code of the model.

6. In the Description field type in a description.

7. Click the Item type field to select an item type from the dropdown menu.

8. Click the icon to select an image.

9. Click Save to save the changes.

Edit model details (while on the Cards layout)

1. Hover over the model you want to edit.

2. Click in the lower right corner.

3. Select Edit.

4. Edit the details as described above.

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