How to Edit Item Type

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Edit General Details

1. Click Item types in the main menu.

2. Click the name of an item type to open its details page.

3. Click next to the item type name.

  • • Edit item type window opens.

4. In the Name field type in a name (required) of the item type.

  • NOTE: Name is mandatory and has to be unique.


5. In the Description field type in a description.

6. Select the This item type is a container checkbox to set it as a container.

7. Click the Set parent item type button to set a parent for this item type.

  • • Window with a list of item types opens.


8. Select an item type from the list.

9. Click OK for confirmation.

10. Click Save to save the changes.

Edit item type general details (while on cards layout):

1. Hover over an item type card.
2. Click in the lower right corner.
3. Select Edit to open the edit item type details window.
4. Edit the details as described above.

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