How to Edit Global Item Attribute

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1. Click Item types in the main menu.

2. Click the Global item attributes tab to open the Global attributes page.

3. Click to open the New attribute window.


4. In the Name field type in a name (required) of the attribute.

5. Click the Type field to select a type (required) of the attribute.

  • • When you select the List type, the Add a new value to the list field appears.
  • • Type in a value to the field and press Enter on your keyboard.
  • • Repeat the previous action to add more values.
  • • Click to remove the attribute from the list.


6. In the Unit type field type in a unit of the attribute.

7. Select the This attribute can be used to search items checkbox if you want to be able to search for items by this attribute.
8. Click Save to save the attribute.

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