How to Edit Device

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NOTE: Configuration options may differ depending on the provider.

Setup device

1. Open the Devices page.

2. Click a device name to open its details page.

3. In the Device setup section edit the name and URI of the device (all fields are required).

  • • The name, URI and provider of a device are entered automatically if you used Perform manual device discovery option to add it.


4. Select the Enabled checkbox to enable the device.

  • • Disabled device cannot be started.
  • • The button appears next to the device on Devices page.


Authentication options tab

1. In the corresponding field type in:

  • Username – device username
  • Password – device password


Observation options tab

1. Click the Observation tab to open the device observation options.

2. Select one of the following options:

  • Auto – device is continuously observing
  • On demand – device is observing only when manually started
  • Periodic – device starts and stops observation in specified intervals
    • • For Periodic mode you have to specify the run and sleep intervals (in seconds). Observation interval is followed by sleep interval.


Time options tab

1. Click the Time tab to open the time options.

2. Select the Sync time at connect checkbox to enable the option.

3. Click the Sync time now button to perform the synchronization.

  • • Device’s internal clock is synchronized with the local server time.


4. Select the Set NTP servers checkbox to enable the option.

  • • When enabled, the NTP servers field appears.


5. Type in the IP address of the server you want to use for time synchronization.

  • • If you want to type in multiple servers, separate them using the semi-colon ( ; )


Advanced options tab

1. Click the Advanced tab to open antenna and session options.

  • NOTE: Advanced options differ between devices.


2. In the Antenna Sequence field type in which antennas you want to use.

  • NOTE: If using multiple antennas, separate the sequence values using a single space.
  • • Example: 1 2


3. In the Antenna Power field type in the power of the antenna(s).

  • NOTE: If using multiple antennas, separate the power values using a single space.
  • • Example: 40 65
  • • Alternatively, you can adjust the antenna power by moving the slider in the Antennas subsection.


4. Click the Session field to select a (EPC GEN 2 standard) session.

5. In the Tag mask field type in a pattern that represents a tag population that you want to single out.

  • NOTE: * is a wildcard representing multiple characters when put after a value and one character when put before a value. For example:
    • 7* – refers to values starting with 7
    • **********99 – refers to a 12-character-long value that ends with 99


6. Click the Tag mask action field to select an action regarding the singled out tags.

  • Include – includes the tag population specified in the Tag mask field
  • Exclude – excludes the tag population specified in the Tag mask field


7. Click the Update button to apply the changes.

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