How to Create Item

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1. Tap Items in the Main Menu.
2. Tap an item to open its details screen.


3. Tap to open the Create item screen.

4. Select an organization to which you want to assign the item and tap Done.

  • • This step is available only if you belong to multiple organizations.


5. In the Name field type in a name (required) of the item.

  • NOTE: Name is mandatory and has to be unique.


6. In the Serial field type in a serial number.

7. In the Description field type in a description.

8. Tap the Select model field to open the Select model screen and select a model.

9. Tap the Select item type field to open the Select item type screen and select an item type.

10. Tap to save the item.

11. Select Done.

  • • The item’s Tags screen opens.
  • • You can add a tag (or multiple tags) right away or at a later time (see How to Add Tag).
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