How to Connect Reader

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  • • Skip this section if you are using a mobile connected handheld device with a built-in reader.

  • • Depending on the provider, to use a Bluetooth RFID reader in combination with a mobile device, you may have to pair them up
    before you start using the Tagit Visium Mobile application. See user guides for those devices for further instructions on how to perform the connection.

  • • Make sure the Bluetooth is enabled on both your mobile device and the Bluetooth RFID reader.

    • When opening the application for the first time, or if you do not have any readers added, the Pair your reader field is displayed on the Home screen. The button is a shortcut to the Readers screen.

1. Tap the Pair your reader field.

  • • Readers screen opens.


2. Tap to start the reader discovery process.

  • • After a few moments, all discovered readers are displayed on the screen.
  • • Tap to repeat the discovery process.


3. Tap a reader to select it.

  • • The button in the upper right corner indicates the reader is connected.


4. Tap to see the reader’s details.

  • NOTE: The button might not be visible on smaller screens. In that case it is replaced with the Device details link under the menu.
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