How to Connect Bluetooth Reader With tagVUE™ MX

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    • Depending on the provider, to use a Bluetooth RFID reader in combination with a mobile device, you may have to pair them up before you start using tagVUE™ MX application. See user guides for those devices for further instructions on how to perform the connection.
    • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device and the Bluetooth RFID reader.


1. Tap to open the Main Menu.

2. Tap Reader Settings.

    • The application starts scanning for the reader automatically.
    • Detected readers appear in Discovered devices section.

discovered reader

3. Tap the Reader you want to use.

    • If there are more device providers packaged with the application a dialog window with available providers opens.

reader providers


4. Tap a provider to select it.

    Create Reader screen opens.


5. Tap to save the reader.

    • Selected reader is now active and displayed in the Saved devices section.

saved reader

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