How to Change Locations Settings

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1. Tap main_menu to open the Main Menu.

2. Tap General Settings.

Location settings


3. Tap Location filters.

    • Dialog window with a list of different tag types opens.


4. Select a filter you want to apply.

    • Selected filter is used during inventory process to inventory only location tags of the selected type.


5. Tap Inventory Sensitivity to adjust reader’s antenna power during inventory process.

6. Adjust the antenna power (percentage) by moving the slider and tap OK.

    • It might be useful to set reader’s antenna power to a lower value in cases when there are items you do not want to enroll in proximity.


7. Tap Estimate location to enable / disable the option.

    • If enabled, tagVUE™ MX automatically switches between locations when they are detected during an inventory process.
    • When Estimate location is enabled, Use GPS location option becomes available.
    NOTE: If you enable Use GPS location, tag locations are still stored during an inventory process and both tag location and GPS location data are sent to the endpoint during synchronization.


• If you associate entity class to locations during location enrollment process (see How to Add a New Location), you can define which locations (based on the associated classes) are displayed when user sets home location or defines location’s parent location.


1. Tap Parent location tree visible classes / Home location tree visible classes.

    • Dialog window with input field opens.


2. Type in a location class that you have already associated with a location and tap OK.

  • • If you type in multiple classes, use semicolon ( ; ) to separate them.
  • • Example: “ClassA;ClassB”



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