How to Bulk Enroll Tags

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Bulk enroll allows you to enroll a large number of tags at once. This option is very useful when all of the scanned tags:

    • belong to the same manufacturer
    • belong to the same location
    • are of the same model


1. Tap main_menu to open the Main Menu.

2. Tap Bulk Enroll.


3. Tap dots_icon next to the Select manufacturer / Select model / Select expected location field and select the corresponding entity.

  • • On the Locations screen, long-tap the location to open the dialog window and then tap Select to select it.


4. Tap the SCANNED TAGS field to select it.

5. Pull the trigger once or tap or rfid_icon button to start scanning.

6. Pull the trigger or tap or scanning_rfid_icon to stop scanning.

7. Tap Save icon to save the items.

    • In case a tag is already enrolled, an alert window informs you about it.
    • Already added tag is displayed in the red.
    • Tap to remove the tag from the list and proceed with saving the items.


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