How to Add New Item

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    • When you are creating an item, the name field is mandatory.

    • Other fields are optional. Additional information can be added at any time (see How to Edit Item Details)


1. Tap main menu icon to open the Main Menu.

2. Tap Items.

3. Tap to open the Create Item screen.



4. In the Name field type in the item’s name (required).

5. Tap next to the Select manufacturer / Select model / Select expected location field and select the corresponding entity.

    • On the Locations screen, long-tap the location to open the dialog window.

    • Tap Select in the dialog window.

6. Tap next to the Select owner field and select an owner.

    • Depending on your settings, this option may be disabled.


7. In the Serial field type in a serial number.

8. In the Description field type in a description.

9. Tap the ASSOCIATE TAGS field to select it.

10. Pull the trigger or tap to scan a tag.

    • The scanned tag appears in the ASSOCIATE TAGS field.
    • Alternatively, you can scan the barcode.
    • To remove an already scanned tag, tap to the left of the tag.
    • Repeat this step to scan another tag.


11. Tap Save icon to save the item.

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