How to Activate Visium Mobile

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If the installed application has automatic activation enabled, it only needs an Internet connection. The activation starts immediately after you run the application for the first time. You are not required to do anything.
As soon as the activation procedure finishes, the Home screen opens.

Manual Activation
If automatic activation is not enabled, you have to activate the application manually.
After the installation or when the application is launched for the first time, the activation screen opens.



  • • In order to activate the application online you need an Internet connection and a valid activation code.
  • • To receive the activation code, please contact your IT department or Tagit support service.


1. Type in the activation code you received from Tagit Solutions.

  • • The activation code has the form XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, containing uppercase letters only.


2. Tap the ACTIVATE ONLINE button.

  • • The Check URL screen opens upon a successful activation.
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