How to Activate tagVUE™ MX Application

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The License screen is open when the application is launched for the first time.

    • License can be activated online or offline.

Activate license


Activate online

• To activate the application online you need an Internet connection and a valid activation code.

• To receive the activation code, contact your IT department or Tagit support service.

1. Tap Activate online.

    • Activate license dialog opens.

2. Type in the activation code.




Activate license online dialog box


Activate offline

• If you don’t have an Internet connection available or you already downloaded an activation file to your device, select the Activate offline option.


1. Tap Activate offline.

    • Locate the activation file on your device.
    • Name of the file has the form Tagit-xx.LICENSE.

2. Select the activation file.

3. Tap OK to close the notification window.

    • Dashboard screen opens.
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