How to Activate Tagit Trapeze

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1. Open a web browser.

2. Type in the URL to open the Tagit Trapeze application.

  • • URL: http://server_hostname:7890
  • • Replace server_hostname with the Trapeze server name or IP address.

3. Enter the username and password you were provided.

4. Click the Login button.

  • • When the Trapeze Administration Portal is open for the first time, only License page is available.
  • • Trapeze can be activated on-line by using an activation code or off-line by using a license file.
  • • Continue to On-line activation or Off-line activation section for further instructions on how to activate the license.



On-line Activation

To activate Tagit Trapeze on-line, you need a valid activation code.

1. Type the activation code in the On-line activation section.

  • • Activation code has the form XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, containing uppercase letters only.

2. Click the Activate button.


Off-line Activation

If you received a license file instead of an activation code or an internet connection is not available, you can perform the off-line activation.

1. Click the Upload license file button in the Off-line activation section.

2. Click the gray Drag & drop area.

3. Locate the license file on your device.

  • • Name of the file has the form Tagit-XX.LICENSE

4. Select the file.

5. Click the Upload button.

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