About Us

Tagit Solutions Inc. is an enterprise-software company providing a suite of applications and rapid deployment tools for simplifying adoption of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) technologies in industrial facilities, corporate enterprises, government agencies and educational institutes.

About Us

A Silicon Valley start-up, Tagit, was founded in 2008, primarily with the purpose of bridging the gap between various location technology stacks and back-end enterprise systems with user-friendly, configurable and replicable software applications – making IoT deployment, truly, a channel play.

Our Differentiator

Our software products translate raw event data from RFID, RTLS and IoT sensors into processed business data that can be consumed directly by enterprise systems, thereby, minimizing the costs and risks associated with adopting latest state-of-the-art technologies from various technology vendors and hardware manufacturers.

Our Differentiator

Our unique architecture fosters rapid deployment and reduces the overall adoption cost with:

  1. A separate provider layer that abstracts the nuances of different technologies and normalizes their impacts on the business data, before the data is used for business rules. It makes it easy to add new technology stack or new hardware to our existing list of compatible hardware for event collection and response management.
  2. The ability to write sophisticated and complex situation detection logic for underlying event patterns quickly, minimizing engineering resource requirements. What used to take few weeks, now takes just hours.
  3. Line-of-businesses adaptors for standard third party business applications, reducing the cost of enterprise application integration. Due to the normalization of events from various technology stacks, these integration plugins are independent of the source of the event generation.
Our unique architecture fosters rapid deployment and reduces the overall adoption cost with:

Our Value Proposition

Tagit Trapeze enables operations team members, such as shop-floor managers, warehouse operators or lab administrators to write and modify their business rules, at least most of them, for all RFID readers, RTLS technologies and IoT sensors by using visual process design tool, saving the business rule in Trapeze and activating the rule when required.

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Lets take an example to say a customer deploys an RFID system that reports inventory dana to their SAP system. We know that RFID is susceptible to reflection by metal, and multiple antennas may read the same tag at the same time.

So, if two RFID readers installed at locations say R1 and R2, report two tags, say T1 and T2 attached to two components of a part say P1, at the same time, how should the SAP interpret this data? It depends. Depending on the location of R1 or R2 the business rules will also change.

In this case, the customer will have to business rules, such as:

  • If tags T1 and T2 are read by R1 with a signal strenth S1 or higher for X minutes or more, and R1 is in a stock room, then change the location table for Part A on SAP to ‘In Stock Room
  • If T1 and T2 are read by R1 at a signal strength S1 or higher less than X minutes and by the reader R2 at a signal strength S1 or higher for more than X minutes, and R2 is outside the stock room, then update the status table for Part A on SAP to ‘Checked-Out’, but,
  • If T1 is read by R1 at a signal strength higher than S1 for more than X minutes and T2 is read by R2 at a signal strength higher than S1 for less than X minutes, then change the location table for Part A on SAP to ‘Under Maintenance’.

Writing event codes for various business rules for different technology stacks is an extremely resource intensive and risk-prone effort. Currently, customers need specially trained software and RF engineers for writing such business rules

Our Team Members

  • Sandee Mukherjee

    - Co-founder, CEO

  • Vitali Liakhavets

    - Director Engineering

  • Charles Kwon

    - Advisor

  • Rajiv Anand

    - Co-founder, CTO

  • Alfred Wong

    - Advisor

  • Bish Datta

    - Senior Manager Alliances

  • Andrew Holman

    - Global Accounts - Industrial


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