Simplifying adoption ofsensor based location technologies

Enterprise Software platform for actionable insights and operational intelligence from location of physical things

<span>Simplifying adoption of</span>sensor based location technologies


Industrial IoT technologies for location detection generate huge amounts of raw data. Currently, customers end up spending top dollars for customizing this data to incorporate their business processes and integrating these solutions with their enterprise systems. No more!



Tagit’s IoT software platform reduces the costs and complexities involved in deploying all Industrial IoT solutions with a unified framework for managing all sensor devices, detecting real-life situations based on the patterns of sensor-data generated, and responding in ‘real-time’ as per pre-defined business rules - with minimal programming resources. Beat that!

We already improved many processes

Customers, globally, are transforming their industrial, manufacturing, engineering, logistics and healthcare operations with our software-suite and attaining their RoI in 3-6 months with the reduced cost of implementation and simplicity of adoption.

That’s just a preview.

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